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"I've learned that the only shortcut to success is found in the willingness to sit at the feet of those who have gone before."


Serial founder with a passion for startups

Over the last two decades, I have built multiple, successful, tech businesses

(one that hit unicorn status), all with the same cofounder.
From the highs and lows and everything in between, my entrepreneurial journey

has been a wild and exciting ride.


A guide for building a strong cofounder partnership.

As the author of The Cofounder’s Handbook, I share how to find and secure the right partner as well as navigate the highs and lows of your partnership journey.

From equity distribution to roles and responsibilities; deciding corporate culture and determining how a partner can exit, The Cofounder’s Handbook covers everything you’ll need to know so that you, your partnership, and your business can thrive.


The tools and advice to build partnerships that last.

After I wrote The Cofounder’s Handbook I realized that there needed to be a way to provide ongoing guidance to partners navigating their cofounder partnerships. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely path and I wanted to create a space where founders could feel supported and encouraged.

At The Cofounder's Hub, we provide access to valuable tools and resources necessary to find and build a successful partnership. Additionally, I’ve created a space where cofounders can glean insights and cultivate a network with other founders who can support one another through their journeys.


A critical topic no one's talking about

With decades of experience in a partnership, and through countless hours of interviews and discussions with others who have done the same, I am excited to impart all that I have learned.

As the "go-to" expert on cofounder relationships, I help to educate and motivate entrepreneurs to build long-lasting partnerships.

tanis, "in her words"

As a guest on multiple podcasts, Tanis shares her knowledge and expertise on the cofounder partnership.

Click any of the podcasts below to listen.

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